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thank you for stopping by to real scaryperrry dot com we are the real website for official scaryparry merchanidese and bookings for public appearanc including office party, birthdays, christmas office partys and balloonhouse rentals

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to REAL Scary Parry DOTCOM!!!

  1. Hi Perry, quit calling me. I won’t let you suck my cock again. Not even for old time’s sake. And I won’t come to your Flag Day pool party at 7722 Reseda Blvd, no matter how much you beg!

    PS. You left your shopvac hose at my house last month.

  2. I met perry at this restaurant called the rainbow. It’s not a gay restaurant, but apparently scary perry thought it was because he tried to kiss me. I’m a man made for women and I did not appreciate Scary perry trying to kiss me. i’ve heard he likes to kiss men and there’s a rumor going around that he blew a casting directing for some kind of voucher and also made ass-love to a transvestite named shiba or sheba. anyways, after perry tried to kiss me he threatened to keep trying to kiss me unless i bought one of his skateboards, so he basically scammed me into buying one. while I was using it for the first time, a wheel flew off, causing me to fall into ongoing traffic, my head got hit by the bumper of a ford falcon causing my neck to break. I required multiple neck surgeries following that incident. i blame scary perry 100% and i should sue him, but i don’t to ruin the disability money i am now receiving from the government. his skateboards are made in china and as you can tell are a total piece of shit. Don’t buy anything from this scam artist!! Move forward!

  3. What time should we show up to the Big Gay House Party At 7722 Reseda Blvd. Apt 102? I know it goes until” ??”

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